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Strange Things Bet On In History

Most are aware that bet making has been a part of human society almost since humanity itself began. In fact, evidence suggests that out ancient ancestors were using dice made of bone even before cities themselves were conceived. So humans have almost always been making bets in some form or another. The interesting this is, … Read more Strange Things Bet On In History

How To Avoid A Bad Bet

How To Avoid A Bad Bet

Identifying a bad bet and trying to define a bad bet is harder than what it appears at first.  This is mainly because good and bad bets are each related to their own specific game.  A good type of bet for one game might not be a good one for another. Each bet should be … Read more How To Avoid A Bad Bet

Learning To Love Bingo

I’ll make a confession that may shock you, and perhaps even make you question my credibility, too. Up until recently I had never played online bingo. I know, it’s difficult to believe, but I focused instead on games like roulette and poker. Bingo, you see, had just never grabbed my interest. Not in the least … Read more Learning To Love Bingo

Winners Know When to Quit

It’s an old saying in gambling circles, “Winners Know When to Quit”. Successful players appreciate the games for what they are, play for the long haul, take calculated risks and bet their money wisely. And they know when to stop. The two aspects of being a winner who knows when to quit involve being able … Read more Winners Know When to Quit