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The Secrets Behind Casino Design

Brick and mortar casinos are, as if there was ever any doubt, designed in a very specific way. When you step into a casino, you are stepping into a world that has taken professionals many years to create, which means you can bet that nothing that occurs is by chance. Have you ever noticed how … Read more The Secrets Behind Casino Design

Evolution Of Gaming Applications

If you, like me remember the early games that were included with the first mobile phones you may still be somewhat blown away by what smartphones can do now. Games such as the original Snake, which featured a very simple design, were hugely popular. The idea of things such as mobile phone online multiplayer games … Read more Evolution Of Gaming Applications

Wolves Like Gambling More Than Dogs

Wolves happen to like gambling more than dogs, and if you thought this was some kind of metaphorical discussion revolving around human personalities, you’d be wrong. We mean that wolves, the animal, like gambling more than dogs, the animal. Confused? Don’t be; we’re about to explain how a group of scientists discovered that wild wolves … Read more Wolves Like Gambling More Than Dogs

5 Advantages Of Slots Tournaments

Everyone loves slot games, and most online casinos have more players hitting the slots than any other game. A new trend, however, has been popping up everywhere called a slot tournament, which is rapidly increasing in popularity. So what exactly is a slot tournament, and how does it benefit the average slots player? Let’s have … Read more 5 Advantages Of Slots Tournaments

The Advantages of Online Gaming

Casino games have been around for centuries – but the evolution of technology has made it easier and more convenient than ever to play them. If you haven’t yet played virtual casino games at an online casino like Ruby Fortune, you’re missing out on a whole host of great benefits that you could be using … Read more The Advantages of Online Gaming

Flat Betting Systems Explained

There are negative progression betting systems, and positive betting progression systems, both of which require that you raise your betting amount in particular circumstances. In the case of a negative progression system the idea is to raise the betting amount in the case of losing, which assumes that soon after a loss a win must … Read more Flat Betting Systems Explained