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Evolution Gaming’s Development

Evolution Gaming is considered by many to be the premier online casino Live Dealer game provider, and some of their best games can be seen on the Ruby Fortune Live Dealer page. The company uses cutting-edge technology and expertly-trained croupiers to deliver authentic experiences to players around the world. Players get to enjoy an authentic … Read more Evolution Gaming’s Development

Simple and Easy Online Keno Tips

Online Keno is a popular lottery-style game. You pick a set of numbers out of a possible 80 and the payout from this is determined by the percentage of numbers you guessed correctly. Right off the bat, Keno has quite tough odds to face, so following some basic tips will help your game immensely. Top … Read more Simple and Easy Online Keno Tips

Live Casino Technology

For those who may not be aware, a live casino is a setup that involves transmitting video feeds of casino games directly to players. The feed is 100% live, meaning that the user is viewing the game exactly as it is happens in real time, wherever they may be in the world. And, of course, … Read more Live Casino Technology

A Look at Women in Poker

Not too long ago, poker was considered to be a man’s game, reserved for those with a will of iron and a face of granite. Mostly played by road gamblers, the poker table was not a welcoming place for women who shied away from the game bar a few brave souls. It wasn’t until the … Read more A Look at Women in Poker

Casino Games On Your Smart TV

The term Smart TV refers to a new wave of televisions that are changing the way people think about home entertainment. They are an impressive bit of technology, and those who own them can certainly say they are on the cutting edge. For those who may not be aware, a Smart TV is not so … Read more Casino Games On Your Smart TV

Gaming Resolutions for 2017

2017 has just kicked off and online casino enthusiasts across the globe are guaranteed to be thinking that this is the year the wins roll in. While playing online casino games for real money is a risky business and lady luck is a sporadic visitor, there are ways in which you can strive for a … Read more Gaming Resolutions for 2017

What’s Next For Casino Technology?

As with all industries, the casino industry has advanced alongside technology. Although the core of casino games has remained virtually unchanged for centuries, there have been advancements in many notable ways, pulling the industry along into the future. Casino goers just a few years ago would have guffawed at the idea of having a portable … Read more What’s Next For Casino Technology?