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Online Casino Safety Measures

One can never be too careful when it comes to disclosing information online. But, the world’s leading online casinos will all brag a number of safety features to ensure that their members can play with complete peace of mind. From digital encryption to banking methods, this infographic explores some of the leading safety measures put … Read more Online Casino Safety Measures

The Tale Of Eleanor Dumont

The very poignant tale of Eleanor Dumont (or Madame Moustache) is a wonderfully obscure story with its roots in the captivating and entertaining legends and romances of the Wild West.  It’s a story of mayhem, secrecy and the exotically insane – of times relevant, and times inane. Wobbly Beginnings Not much is known about the … Read more The Tale Of Eleanor Dumont

The Tale Of Poker Alice

Poker Alice is a legendary figure in gambling. She represented one person’s struggle against a fate intent on grinding you down.  She was a woman in a time when being a woman meant you either had to toughen up or lie down and accept your fate. Alice chose to fight back, using the skill she … Read more The Tale Of Poker Alice

How to Break a Losing Streak

Losing streaks are an important part of gambling of any kind, and will, without a doubt, happen to each and every one of us at some point. A great way to look at them is to change your definition entirely –one person’s losing streak could be your eventuality that has already been accounted for! No … Read more How to Break a Losing Streak

Smash Hit Gambling Movies

Gambling and movies is a match made in heaven, with each complimenting one another perfectly. Given that casino games are so tense and nail baiting by their nature, they are the perfect ingredients to turn a movies excitement dial up to 10. It makes sense, therefore, that there are a great many movies that feature … Read more Smash Hit Gambling Movies

Real Poker Versus Mobile Poker

I know this will come as a shock, possibly one that will ruin your day, but there are some pretty notable differences between mobile online poker, and real world poker. I’m not saying that mobile poker doesn’t follow the rules of the game exactly, it certainly does, but that doesn’t negate the fact that poker … Read more Real Poker Versus Mobile Poker

Should You Activate Auto Play?

Most modern online slot machines have the auto play feature. This, in a nutshell, allows you to pre-select a certain number of spins that will then be played out automatically by the machine. Some slot machines give you the option of whether you wish to auto play 10, 100, or 1000 spins, but some machines … Read more Should You Activate Auto Play?

Modern Slot Game Designs

Say what you will about slot games, be they your type of game or not, the current versions are pretty damn impressive. It really wasn’t that long ago that your average slot game had about as much complexity as a modern calculator. In fact, scratch that, I’ve seen some pretty cool phone based calculator applications. … Read more Modern Slot Game Designs