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Bonuses to Look for After Sign Up

If there was a spotlight for online casino bonuses, welcome and sign-up offers would steal it again and again. A well-deserved fuss is made about sign-up offers, but, as regular players know, there is much more to casino bonuses than the ones you get when you make your first deposit. Once you start playing slots … Read more Bonuses to Look for After Sign Up

Understanding Auto Play

Most online casino games can be tremendously exciting, though playing them for a longer period of time may get a little strenuous. This is why many of the software giants have incorporated auto play or auto spin features into their casino games. This feature allows us to pre-determine a set number of spins or hands … Read more Understanding Auto Play

Two Can Be Better Than One

Why play one game when you can play two? In fact, why stop there? Ruby Fortune offers more than 500 games, but maybe you should have some sort of starting point – which is why we’re comparing two of the most popular games to play this festive season: Dragonz and Jungle Jim – El Dorado. … Read more Two Can Be Better Than One

Mind Blowing Casino Facts

You know what’s fun? Gasping in amazement. Let’s just face it, there is little that compares to the liberating action of literally reeling at learning something profound, and expressing it by sucking in air through our mouths. Did we need that extra bit of air? Certainly not, we breathed it in because our brains clearly … Read more Mind Blowing Casino Facts

Best Time To Play Online

There are a lot of myths and urban legends surrounding online gambling, as with most other things.  The trick is to try and separate the truths from the half-truths, the questionable assumptions from the poppycock.  And it’s generally much harder than what you may think. Many people deny that there are “better” and “worse” times … Read more Best Time To Play Online

Probability In Casino Games

Probability, odds, and statistics play an extremely important part in every casino game. Probability determines the likelihood of a certain number coming up on the roulette wheel, plus the likelihood of certain cards being dealt in blackjack and poker. In fact, every person who plays online casino games can be said to be in a … Read more Probability In Casino Games

Strange Things Bet On In History

Most are aware that bet making has been a part of human society almost since humanity itself began. In fact, evidence suggests that out ancient ancestors were using dice made of bone even before cities themselves were conceived. So humans have almost always been making bets in some form or another. The interesting this is, … Read more Strange Things Bet On In History