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Bizarre Betting Markets and Stories

Betting on mainstream sports is still the bread and butter of most bookmakers around the world, but there is a long history of taking wagers on many other things. Today, events in the political arena and the world of entertainment are becoming more and more commonplace. Moreover, there are several obscure sports and novelty bets … Read more Bizarre Betting Markets and Stories

Live Casino Do’s and Don’ts

While you may come across some major differences between playing casino games at a land-based casino, online and live, all options pretty much come with many of the same do’s and don’ts. Some differ, however, because each platform gives you a unique environment, even though the same end game of winning huge amounts of real … Read more Live Casino Do’s and Don’ts

Why Slots Are a World Favourite

Why Slots Are a World Favourite Visit casinos, pubs, gaming halls and other venues in various countries around the world, and you will find slot machines. They are among the youngest casino games to be created, but are the most popular of them all. You probably think that we are stating the obvious, but do … Read more Why Slots Are a World Favourite

The Worst Gaming Injuries to Date

Recreational computer gaming has become one of the most lucrative tech industries in the world. In 2016 alone, interactive entertainment revenues hit $91 billion across all of the main gaming platforms. Compared to 2015 figures, it seems the gaming industry is expanding at a rapid rate. However, of course we know this as we all … Read more The Worst Gaming Injuries to Date

Mobile Gaming Statistics

Mobile gaming is an increasingly common activity today. It helps considerably with time management in the incredibly busy world of today, and often means players can move between devices for smoother experiences. Given the advantages to mobile gameplay, of casino games and other kinds, it’s understandable that there has been a surge in their popularity … Read more Mobile Gaming Statistics