All About Scratch Cards

It’s always been possible to buy Scratch Cards offline, but now you can choose from a great online range here at Ruby Fortune. The thing that makes them exciting online is the same thing that thrills land-based players: the possibility of winning plenty of cash instantly.

At Ruby Fortune we not only bring you all the best casino games, we also want to help you enjoy them as much as possible. Check out our Scratchcards guidelines and learn more about how to win big now!

How Scratch Cards Work

Scratch Cards are instant-win games which means that, unlike other lottery games, you don’t have to wait for a draw at a certain time of day. You’re in control, which we know will appeal to our busy players. The cards here at Ruby Fortune offer up to 50x whatever you bet and are based on several different well-rendered themes.

You’ll need to scratch the different panels to revel symbols and then match any 3 of them to win. The amount you’re paid out is determined by the multiplier that is next to your uncovered symbols on the pay table. That’s really all there is to it – the games are fast, fun and fantastically rewarding if you win.

They’re also completely trustworthy, using Random Number Generation on each scratch and being independently audited by a third party. No outcome is determined on anything that came before.

Playing for Free or Real Money

It’s always a good idea to try casino games out for free before placing a real money bet, and Scratch Cards are no exception to this rule. You can choose to scratch for free or real money here at Ruby Fortune, and you’ll also often get cards as part of your bonus which amount to free play.

Free Cards give you the chance to test out the variance and fairness of a particular game, so that you can use your real money on it with confidence. Use them to decide which Scratch Card games to play, and then start playing to win real money. It’s a great way to complete any online playing session, so add it to your regular Ruby Fortune line up now!